Cutting Horse Trainers in Georgia

FLASH!!! I am no longer training horses for the public. I sincerely appreciate everyone who has put their faith in me over the years, but am looking forward to working exclusively with my own horses!

Cutting horse trainers in Georgia are unfortunately few and far between. Here at Cook Arena, we realize that even though the choices are not vast, we still need to work hard for your business! Heidi Cook is an NCHA money earner, multiple ARHA world champion, AFCC money earner, AQHA World qualifier, and even more than that – a dedicated horse trainer that will put your horses needs first! When looking for cutting horse trainers in Georgia, make sure that you take the time to check out the existing horses in training… at Cook Arena we pride ourselves on having 2 barns full of happy and healthy horses!

Cutting Horse Trainers in Georgia – Choose Wisely!

There is nothing better than the thrill of putting your hand down and going to cut a cow. When your horse starts surging underneath you and does it because he WANTS to…. there just aren’t words to describe! We start our horses showly to ensure a proper foundation that will last throughout his career. Many cutting horse trainers in Georgia will skip several crucial steps in order to try to get a fast result – these are the horses that will end up breaking down. When we break and train a horse, we want them to still be showing at an old age. Take our 21 year old gelding, Playboy Hickory, for example. At 21, he’s still out there winning NCHA checks! In fact, so far in 2014 he has been shown twice and won a check both times!

Visit our training page at┬áto see what we can do for you and your horse today. Training is just $600 per month, which includes feed and board – much less than most cutting horse trainers in Georgia! It typically takes 1.5 to 2 years to completely train a cutting horse – we welcome you to start your own journey today!

Cutting Horse Trainers in Georgia


For more information on the National Cutting Horse Association and to view the official list of cutting horse trainers in Georgia, visit