Cutting Horse Training Online

Check out Cook Arena’s articles to help you with Cutting Horse Training Online! We know how to turn your horse into one that not only you will love, but the judges will too! Let trainer Heidi Cook show you how to do things such as:

  • Choosing the right cow
  • How to push on the horn
  • Teaching your horse to stop
  • Teaching your horse to spin
  • How to put your hand down when working a cow
  • Exercises to do at home to train your horse
  • Cutting horse lingo
  • Penalties in the cutting pen and how to avoid them
  • Choosing the right prospect for performance horse events
  • Cutting horse training online through articles and pictures
  • The right amount of loping for your horse before you show
  • Choosing your help at the shows

Cutting Horse Training Online

Showing cutting horses can be one of the most rewarding and frustrating things you’ve ever done (hey if it was easy, everyone would do it!). There’s no better feeling though than putting your hand down and feeling your horse match that cow stride for stride because he wants to do it though! We strive for happy and healthy horses that love their jobs, and also understand the importance of teaching owners how to maintain their horse once it goes home so they’ll be loving their jobs for years to come.

It usually takes two years to train a cutter from start to finish, and another year of seasoning after that to make them solid enough to call them finished. Here at Cook Arena we prefer to take the horses along slowly so as not to fry their brains by pushing too hard. In all our articles, I hope to stress the importance of longevity versus overnight success that can’t be maintained. I believe in keeping the horse first in everything we do and letting them tell me when to quit for the day.

Cutting Horse Training Online or In Person!

Cutting horse training online can be difficult in that there are so many fine points to the sport, but we are always happy to help our customers, whether past or future, with any questions or concerns that they might have! Please feel free to call or email  us at 678-492-0440 or with anything! Whether you’re trying to teach your horse at home, or looking for a quality trainer to send your horse to for performance or cutting horse training, let Heidi Cook and Cook Arena – – help take you to the next level!