Site Last Updated: 5-14-12

Welcome to Cook Arena. Take a look at our events page and for sale! Upcoming events include Team Roping on May 26th and an Open Ranch Horse Association show on May 5th!

Thank you to everyone who came to our April 28th roping - we appreciate you! Next one is May 26th at 1pm (books close for Jackpot at 12:30). Check out the Events page for more details. Buckles given away every month, saddles, bridles, collars, and more for the series!

POINTS through 4-28-12

Congratulations to Kyle Ware (Heeler) and Justin Rayburn (Header) for winning the round robin on 4-28-12! Great job guys!

Congratulations to Keith Dempsey (Heeler) and JR Vangurp (Header) for winning the round robin on 3-17-12! Fun fact, these two are cousins and both won out of 20 on each side!

Cook Arena is located in Summerville, Georgia.