Horseback Riding in Summerville, GA

Horseback riding in Summerville, GA is a great way to spend the afternoon! And lessons are always a great, slow cost alternative to buying and owning your own horse! We offer a variety of options for those wanting to give it a try – and I GUARANTEE that you will leave with a smile on your face!


Fee Schedule at Cook Arena:

“Dry” Lesson (No Cattle) – Your Horse: $35
“Dry” Lesson (No Cattle) – Our Horse: $50
Lesson on Cattle – Your Horse: $50
Lesson on Cattle – Our Horse: $65

When you come horseback riding in Summerville, GA, expect for your lesson to run approximately one hour, but we’re not ones to constantly look at the clock while we’re supposed to be teaching. I WILL guarantee you my undivided attention, and lessons are usually taught while the trainer, Heidi Cook, is also mounted so that examples can be shown. Heidi does not typically ride the lesson attendee’s horse, but this can be arranged for an extra fee.

The typical format for lessons include a review of the previous lesson, followed by a short talk about upcoming goals for both the lesson and the year. We have a firm belief that goals serve as the best motivation for practice in between sessions.