Our Horses

We love our horses! These are the residents of Cook Arena that we don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. With that said, even though they’re not ON SALE, they can still be considered FOR SALE (with a few exceptions!)!

Kiss My Dually (AKA Dually):
Multiple ARHA World Champion & Reserve World Champion
AQHA Point Earner
AFCC Money Winner
ARHA Point Earner in 12 Events (2000+)
Ranch Cutting, Sorting, Heading, & Heeling Money Winner
Turnback Horse Extraordinaire!

Scootin Skyline (AKA Scoot):
AFCC Cutting Money Winner
Heeling Money Winner
Sorting Money Winner
Safe for any kid but talented for any adult!

Stylish Playdate (AKA Player):
NCHA Money Winner ($9,000+)
AFCC Cutting Money Winner
Will hold a tough cow and look good doing it!

Playboy Hickory (AKA Po-Boy):
NCHA Money Winner ($86,000+)
AFCC Cutting Money Winner
This guy will get down on his belly to cut a cow if he has to!

USTRC Money Winner
Multiple Jackpot Team Roping Money Winner
Tex is as solid as a head horse can get! If you can ride him, you can rope on him!