NCHA Trainers

NCHA trainers are hard to come by these days, especially with the high price of cattle. Here at Cook Arena, we take the best part of NCHA trainers and make it affordable for the everyday person to be able to enjoy the sport, yet still have money left in their pocket to be able to afford to show!NCHA Trainers

Standard NCHA Trainers Cost

Out west, cutting horse training can cost $1200 or more per month, and a lot of times this does not include cattle charges. Heidi Cook believes that the general population can’t afford that, so offers the same service for half the price. How many NCHA trainers have you seen with a herd of 50+ herd of cattle and only a $600 a month training charge? Training also includes your horse getting ridden at least five days per week by the actual NCHA trainers , NOT a loper!

How Will You Horse Get Worked?

While all of the horses get rode almost every day, their actual program varies based on the individual horses needs. With our colts, we focus on getting them bending, flexing, stopping, and turning with no resistance. I want them to learn to give their nose and get their hocks up underneath themselves in their turns. We start with dry work, which just means no cattle, but soon progress them to working the cutting flag. The cutting flag teaches the horse to track and prepares colts for their future career with cattle. It truly is amazing to watch these colts “light” turn on when they figure out how to work the flag. NCHA trainers everywhere know the benefit of the cutting flag and we would love to show you the effect it can have on your horse! After your horse is working the flag decently, we introduce them to cattle. At first they are worked one at a time and then we will see how the horse handles more pressure with additional steers.

NCHA Trainers

Give Your Horse the NCHA Trainers He Deserves – Call Cook Arena!

Call Heidi Cook at 678-492-0440 to schedule an appointment for your horse to come into training today! We do usually keep a waiting list due to the limited amount of horses that we take in for training, but I can assure you that the wait is worth it. You can also visit Heidi on Facebook at Located in Summerville, Georgia in the small town of Teloga, we would love for you to come out and meet us!