FLASH!!! I am no longer training horses for the public (or teaching clinics). I sincerely appreciate everyone who has put their faith in me over the years, but am looking forward to working exclusively with my own horses!

Cook Arena’s Heidi Cook offers both on and off-site clinics for your group, club, or equine fair.¬†Clinics are a fantastic way to learn a new skill in a group environment where there is less pressure.


The following are some examples of clinics that can be provided:
Sorting / Team Penning
Sorting and team penning are two of America’s fastest growing sports! Our clinics can be designed from the most beginner horse/rider who has never seen cattle, to the most advanced that are ready to compete. Topics include reading cattle, positioning, exercises you can do with your horse without cattle, working the mechanical cow, and more!
Cutting / Ranch Cutting
Cutting and ranch cutting clinics focus around herd work, reading cattle, picking the right cow, settling the herd, exercises to maintain and/or tune your horse at home, equipment, and of course getting your horse shown. Even if you can’t put your hand down on your horse, I can guarantee you will benefit!
Ranch Pleasure / Ranch Riding
Ranch pleasure and ranch riding clinics focus on the finer points of showing. From body position, getting the perfect lead change, how to navigate the arena and patterns, choosing the right horse, equipment, and extensions in the gaits, these clinics have something for everyone, and everyone’s horse can do these exercises!
Ranch Reining
The beauty of ranch reining is your horse does not need to be able to slide 20 feet or spin a million circles in a row. These clinics focus on getting your horse more handy and solid by using the fundamental reining maneuvers.
Boxing / Working Cowhorse
Boxing and working cowhorse are both classes where you do a reining pattern, followed by working a cow. Boxing is the perfect intro as you do not need to go down the fence. We cover everything from basics such as positioning to more advanced aspects like reading the cow and setting your horse up for success.
Trail is like an obstacle course for you and your horse! It includes elements such as walk/jog/lope-overs, dragging logs, water obstacles, helping the spooky horse, back-throughs, calming the nervous horse, roping the steer, and more!
Horsemanship is a class that is judged on your equitation and how you handle/control your horse by executing a pattern. We will discuss the finer points such as body position and exercises you can do at home to realize success in the show ring.
Showmanship / Halter
Showmanship and halter are both in hand classes that require finesse to bring home the blue ribbon. From setting your horse up, teaching them to pivot, to working your squares as you show to the judge, we can help you!
General Horsemanship
For younger or less experienced groups, we can also do general horsemanship clinics. We will cover basic skills that will set you up for years of good, safe fun with your horses.

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