Horse Training

FLASH!!! I am no longer training horses for the public. I sincerely appreciate everyone who has put their faith in me over the years, but am looking forward to working exclusively with my own horses!

Cook Arena is now taking in a limited number of training horses. We specialize in all around ranch horses with focus on team roping, ranch cutting, ranch sorting, and ranch reining. Horses in training also get extensive ground work and can be taught showmanship if owner desires. We keep the most cutting edge technology available including a Sparky Roping Machine, Cutting Flag, Buford, as well as a herd of 20+ head of cattle. We also now have sanded sorting pens available to train your horses for either sorting or block off one side for one-on-one cutting horse training!

Finishing or Maintaining Your Cutter or Sorter
With over $6500 in NCHA earnings, as well as countless sorting earnings, trainer Heidi Cook has the skills it takes to finish or maintain your cutting or sorting horse. Hauling to shows can be easily be arranged for seasoning as well!
Starting Your Horse on Cattle
With anywhere from 20 to 50 head of cattle at one time, we believe in starting your colt on them the right way. Horses are worked with just a few and build up to working out of the herd. Whether you want to cut or sort, we can introduce your horse so they will have confidence for years to come.
Flag Work
Heidi Cook, trainer at Cook Arena, firmly believes in the use of the mechanical cow, also known as the cutting flag. This will teach your horse to be responsive and light in a controlled environment.
Ranch Pleasure Training
Heidi Cook is a 2013 AQHA World Show Qualifier in Ranch Pleasure. She can help your horse find its natural rhythm, teach flying changes, and get them stopping on their rear end.
Team Roping Training
Whether your horse is just starting or simply needs a tune-up to haul to the rodeos, Heidi Cook can help! Heading or heeling - we've got cattle and numerous roping dummies to help you and your horse.
Get Your Horse BROKE!
The key to being at the top of any sport is a good BROKE horse. If you ask them to jump, they should jump - even if it IS a fire-breathing dragon!

Trainer, Heidi Cook, is an AQHA point earner (125+) and multiple World Show Qualifier, AQHA All American Quarter Horse Congress Top 3 Winner, NCHA (cutting) Money Earner ($6500+), USTRC (team roping) Money Earner, multiple ARHA World Champion with over 2000 points in 12+ events, NSCHA Sorting Money Earner, and much more.

While we focus on the ranch events now, Heidi has competed in everything from hunter jumper to western pleasure to dressage, in addition to the cattle events of course! She loves starting colts and has the ability to put the proper foundation on one to not only win but also to last you for a lifetime. 

Please call 678-492-0440 for more information. Horse training starts at $800 per month which includes board,1 weekly lesson, and your horse being ridden at least 5 days per week (most of the time 6 or 7!). We pride ourselves on keeping owners updated through Facebook pictures, videos, and are easily reachable by phone.

Let Heidi show you how to take horse training to the next level!

Testimonials from Past Customers:

 Cook Arena / Heidi Cook would like to thank ALL our past customers! Without you, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are! Here are some of the nice things that folks have said about us recently:

“One of the best I’ve had a pleasure to meet. Soft with her hands and very in tune with your horse.”

“I raised the best colt that I have had in several years. This past year I sent him to Heidi to break and start training.  I was very pleased in the job that Heidi did. I would recommend her to anyone.”

“We took one of our younger horses to Heidi for her to ride for 30 days. We picked him up last weekend and we could not be more pleased. His turns were great, he had a great headset, and soft face. We was much more settled while working the cows with all around improvements. She did a great job.”

“Heidi has done “tune ups” on both my horses and I can’t say enough good things. The difference in just 30 days was amazing. I completely trust Heidi and Dale, I know I don’t have to worry about my boys when they are in training. I have also bought a horse from Heidi and he is absolutely amazing! Dale her husband is my go to guy for ANY and ALL tack needs. He made my new horse a custom fit saddle, custom headstall and custom breast collar. Pricing is unbeatable for both there horse training and tack needs. Trustworthy and always friendly, I refer everyone to the Cook Arena and Cook Saddlery.”

“We absolutely LOVE Heidi & Dale. Both of our horses did extremely well under Heidi’s training. The first, a 3 year old mare who was just under saddle became an AQHA point earner & sorting champ. The second an all around ranch horse became a finished cutter, a winner in both ARHA & AQHA as well as earning an invitation to the AQHA World Show. Even more important, both of our horses genuinely love their job, it was very obvious they enjoyed being around Heidi and responded to her with affection and trust. I was always amazed from one week to the next at the consistent improvement in the horses, it was evident that they were being ridden as promised, and trained with gentle consistency. I also found that she was very patient with us when giving lessons each week. I just can’t say enough good things about her!”

A big thanks to Heidi Cook at Cook Arena for the amazing training she has done. Not only on one of my horses but two of them. She continues to amaze me on the variety of training she can do on a horse. Heidi trained my first one on heading he had box issues and a few more in general working and responding to what I needed for team sorting. When I got him back he was totally different, like a new horse I loved it to. The second one she is still training and he is vastly improving each day he is a sorter and cutter I absolutely love what she has done with him. He works great and I am so happy she is working with him because I love the stop turn and cutting she has advanced him to. Thank you Heidi so much for all the hard work you have done and hours you have put in to working with my horses because it makes it so much fun for me to ride and compete on a whole new level. Once again thank you so much for your dedication, work, and skill!

I took a 3 year old QH Mare to Heidi for her to ride for 30 days. She took the time to discuss my goals and concerns for my horse. I was pleased to find my goals where met when I picked up my mare. Her circles, lead changes, and head set were awesome! Heidi is a motivated, compassionate trainer. Rain, sleet, or snow, she gets the job done. Thanks Heidi!